Set in the heart of the Aberdare National Park, The Ark is an unique tree lodge with a veranda that overlooks a floodlit waterhole and saltlick allowing undisturbed views of wildlife visiting the waterhole. Elephant, rhino, leopard, bushbuck and occasionally an elusive bongo and giant forest hog have been sighted. The Ark Tree Lodge is 16km (10 miles) from the Mweiga airfield or one hour's drive from Nyeri airstrip or two hours from Nanyuki. The Ark has gradually increased its carrying capacity as demand dictated, and today can hold 123 guests.

The 60 guest rooms are all en-suite. All cabins have private bathrooms with shower, and are comfortably furnished with bedside lamps and carpeted floors to ward off the evening and morning chill. Close to your room are views of the forest or waterhole, revealing game. Cabins are provided with water flasks and glasses, hot water bottles and extra blankets. The bathrooms contain 115/240v shaving socket, shower stall, washbasin and flush toilets.

The Main Dining Room is set off from the Bar. Long tables are softly lit, and the split-level room has a glass wall with superb views of the dense forest. The menu is a cosmopolitan combination of European and Kenyan dishes, made from fresh Kenyan produce. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are Table d'hôte. Lunch is only served to guests staying for more than one night, or upon special request. Seating capacity is 140 people. Located on one of the viewing decks is a bar and lounge which remain open all night for tea and coffee.

The Ark tree viewing balcony resembling and named after Noah's Ark, The Ark Tree Lodge is designed with 'decks' from which numerous balconies and lounges provide superb vantage points for game viewing. A ground level bunker provides excellent photographic opportunities and takes you closer than you would believe possible to the wildlife.

Elephants visting Ark Tree Waterhole In each room, a buzzer system will alert you when there is something special to see, such as a leopard who might sneak to the floodlit waterhole in the dead of night. The ground level viewing area provides incredible photographic opportunities as the Elephants come almost close enough to touch. The whole experience at the Ark feels slightly unreal as there is so much going on, and all you have to do is wait on the balconies with your camera and binoculars.

The Yasabara waterhole and salt-lick is frequented by great numbers of animals, elephant, rhino, buffalo, lion, leopard, and bushbuck, besides other rare creatures such as the suni, and genet cat. To enable guests to continue watching late into the night, the waterhole is floodlit from 1800 hours to dawn. Spare blankets are available for guests' use in the lounges. Photographic flashlights are not permitted as some animals are startled by flashlights and are scared away.

Access to vehicles is limited in order to conserve and protect the environment which hosts wildlife such as elephant, rhino, buffalo, bush bucks, giant forest hogs, Sykes monkey, leopard, and bongo. Ark Lodge, Ark Tree Hotel, Ark Tree Lodge, Aberdare National Park, Ark Safari Lodge, Aberdare Safari, Aberdare Ark Lodge Safari Lodge Safari Tour Operator Kenya Safari Operator Kenya.

Treetops Lodge is nestled deep in the forests of Aberdare National Park, this world-renowned rustic treehouse is dedicated to game viewing. Originally built in 1932, Treetops is famous as the place where the then-Princess Elizabeth learned of her father's death and ascended to the British Throne in 1952.

Treetops lies in the path of an ancient elephant migratory route between the Aberdare Mountains and Mt Kenya National park, and is strategically sited right in front of a watering hole and salt lick.

Guests can drink in the sight of elephants, buffalo, rhinos and more from the safety of four viewing decks and a rooftop platform. Shutterbugs can take close shots from two photographic hides at ground level. History buffs can get animal counts for years past. Die-hard animal lovers needn't worry about missed sightings, even into the early hours of the morning. An optional buzzer in the rooms alerts the guests when a spectacle is unfolding at the waterhole. Game drives and a lecture about Treetops are also available to the guests.

This lodge-on-stilts is as space-efficient on the inside as it is unassuming on the outside. Trees grow right through the building. There are 48 cozy rooms and two suites, a lounge overlooking the waterhole and two bars. There is also a restaurant where dinner is served on charming old world refectory tables with bench seating,. It is 17 km away from Outspan Hotel , where guests begin and end their journey to Treetops. Guests are advised to bring warm clothing as nights can get chilly at this lodge, which is 6,450m above sea level.

Amboseli Serena Lodge Rooms Available: 1996

Maximum Occupancy at Amboseli Serena Lodge: 4

Single Occupancy at Amboseli Serena Lodge: Yes

Age Restriction at Amboseli Serena Lodge: Kids Welcome

Amboseli Serena Lodge Ownership: Serena Hotels

Amboseli Serena Safari Lodge is framed against the glorious backdrop of Africa’s highest mountain, the magnificently beautiful Mount Kilimanjaro, surrounded by miles of rolling grasslands, patrolled by vast herds of elephant, shaded by the lush, feathered-green of an acacia grove and hugging the banks of a gently flowing river, this very traditional yet supremely luxurious lodge is the safari destination of a lifetime.

Amboseli Serena Lodge itself draws on a subtle Maasai cultural motif, featuring natural woodcarvings, traditional artefacts and a glowing selection of local art.

Sensitively located and built from ecologically sympathetic materials, its architectural shapes, style, textures and colours reflect the true essence of the African bush. They also enable it to blend effortlessly into the landscape and work in gentle harmony with the natural environment.

The rooms at Amboseli Serena Lodge, each with an uninterrupted view over the ever-changing vistas of the African plains, are styled to a traditional Maasai concept featuring beadwork, gourds, hand-painted murals and the clever use of the traditional manyatta bent-brushwood effect so as to blend an authentic nomadic aura with all the comforts of unabashed five star luxuries.

Guests can also enjoy an acacia-shaded swimming pool fed daily by the melt-waters of Kilimanjaro, a selection of natural timber game viewing decks, a water hole for the animals and an alluring selection of watering holes for the guests.

Deep in the heart of the world famous Amboseli National Park is the Magnificent Ol Tukai lodge. Lying at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro and dotted with yellow barked Acacia trees and cream slate, Ol Tukai blends perfectly into the African savannah.

Ol Tukai is the perfect location to bring out your naturalist instincts. Numerous animals are at home at the Amboseli National Park, elephant, rhino, lion, buffalo, cheetah, leopard, giraffe and gazelle. For the professional or amateur birdwatcher the Ol Tukai bird-walk offers a wide variety of bird species. Ol Tukai offers an unparalleled "return to nature" experience.

Amboseli National Park is a great place to visit in its own right. The park is dominated by a partially dry lake bed of evaporated salts. Its landscape is dominated by Acacias and Phoenix palms.

Each of the 80 twin rooms at the Ol Tukai are a study in luxury. Each room allows for an uninterrupted breathtaking view of Mount Kilimanjaro and the wetlands. The furniture is well chosen to enhance its comfortable feel.

Ol Tukai’s outdoor swimming pool offers cooling fun in the sun or a refreshing break under the shade of the Acacia trees. Guests can relax in the lounge and read or play board games, which are available from the reception.  The adjoining pool bar offers a wide range of snacks and drinks. Lectures, hosted by researchers from the nearby Elephant Research center, are offered regularly. Guests can also reference numerous nature books in the lodge’s library.

At the foothills of Mt. Kilimanjaro, is the Amboseli Sopa Lodge, set on 200 acres of precious land, not far from where Ernest Hemingway lived whilst writing his famous novel, "The Snows of Kilimanjaro."

Amboseli National Park is home to the Masai, over 400 species of breeding birds, and teems with rare and wonderful wildlife.

The rustic luxury of Amboseli Sopa Lodge makes it the perfect rendezvous for the adventurer wishing to conquer the snowcapped peaks of Mt. Kilimanjaro, or for the seasoned traveller indulging in the luxury safari experience.

Amboseli Sopa Lodge offers a multi-ethnic combination of European, African and Asian dishes, all made with fresh produce. Breakfast and lunch is served buffet style. 4 course Table D'hort seated dinner.

Picnic lunch boxes available for guests traveling or on safari during the day. 

Waiter served meals and snacks. Pizza, hamburgers etc.

Amboseli Sopa Lodge bars carry a wide selection of soft drinks, beer, wine, spirit, cocktails and hot beverages.

Amboseli Sopa Lodge consists of 18 Deluxe Rooms, 20 Double Rooms and 9 Single Rooms. Each room has its won private veranda and full bathroom.

The Lake Naivasha Sopa Lodge is located on the southern shores of Lake Naivasha, the only freshwater lake within Africa's Great Rift Valley. Amidst bathing hippo, the lake teems with freshwater fish both for fishing and sport. This is the safari traveler's place of relaxation and rejuvenation; a perfect blend of luxury and safari spirit. Here the avid birdwatcher sees paradise in a vast array of exotic birdlife. The lake region is host to distinctive herds of plains animals and the elusive, black-faced colobus monkey. Lake Naivasha Sopa Lodge has a total of 21 cottages, each consisting of 4 rooms, for a total of 84 rooms; all with panoramic views of the environs and the lake. Luxuriously appointed rooms feature spacious sunken lounges, while upper floor rooms have their own private balcony on which to relax, sunbathe or view the wildlife that wanders around the beautiful grounds.

Lake Naivasha Simba Lodge, Kenya Kenya offers the visitor a chance to experience a natural world unchanged by the passage of time. In a sylvan setting of acacia woodland, the Lake Naivasha Simba Lodge's park-like grounds are visited by a wide variety of birds and wildlife. Situated close to Hell's Gate National Park, with its spectacular gorges and hot springs, Longonot National Park and also Lake Nakuru National Park. Just a little further north lies Lake Bogoria National Park.

Situated on the edge of Lake Naivasha, the Lake Naivasha Simba Lodge opened its doors in 2003. The green lawns shaded by acacias and spreading fever trees stretch down to the lake shore. The Lodge offers accommodation in its 70 rooms – all en-suite. The hotel offers a variety of sporting activities for both the energetic and more laid back traveler. Other facilities include restaurants, bars, swimming pool, resident lounge, conference room, and shops.

Just over an hour's drive from Nairobi, one of the Great Rift Valley's jewels, reflecting the tranquil beauty of an African sky and the surrounding mountains, is temporarily distorted as flocks of graceful flamingoes and pink-backed pelicans settle of the water. This fresh water lake, some 13 kms across is a haven for bird watchers, nature lovers, artists and for those seeking a peaceful scenic retreat.

Previously known as Lake Naivasha Hotel, this attractive Country Club, sited in 55 acres of lake side gardens, began life in the 1930s as papyrus thatched chalets. Although the current accommodation is a far cry from the original structure, the Club has certainly not lost any of its charm. There is a choice of rooms, cottages or suites all furnished with their own individual theme. Number of rooms: 46 twin rooms, 5 cottage rooms, 1 executive lake cottage.

Situated in the heart of Kenya's Great Rift Valley is Sarova Lion Hill Lodge, nestling on the banks of one of East Africa's most famous soda lakes, Lake Nakuru. Avid bird watchers can feast on the spectacular display of its famous flamingo residents. Lake Nakuru National Park not only boasts one of the world's greatest ornithological spectacles, with over 450 species of birds, but is also sanctuary to the greatly endangered black rhino and a host of other wildlife species such as the leopard, waterbuck, lion, giraffe, buffalo and giraffe. The lake hosts thousands of flamingoes which create a breathtaking shimmering pink hue over the lake.

From the comfort of one of the 64-chalet style rooms, Sarova Lion Hill Lodge offers a unique vantage point overlooking the Lake and the distant hills. Enjoy the panorama from the privacy of your own verandah. For extra special occasions Lion Hill also has one honeymoon suite and two luxury suites. For conferences with a difference, there are up-to-date facilities accommodating up to 70 people. Other facilities include a restaurant, bar with a large viewing deck, overlooking Lake Nakuru and the distant hills, swimming pool, sauna, laundry service, curio and gift shop.

In the centre of Lake Nakuru National Park lies Lake Nakuru with its large population of Lesser and Greater Flamingos. Situated in the southeast ecological niche of the Lake Nakuru National Park is the Lake Nakuru Lodge with views across the lake. The Acacia and Euphorbia Forests are havens for animals during the heat of the day, making an excellent game-viewing destination, whilst the “Hippo Pool” is a favourite spot for picnics.

Access Mara Serena Lodge: Road (5-6 hrs) and Air (45 minutes) from Nairobi

Year Built: 1962

Rooms Available: 73

Age Restriction: None

Ownership: Serena Hotels

The Mara Serena Safari Lodge has a front-row seat for one of the grandest shows in Africa. Every year, thousands of wildebeests, zebras and gazelles cover the plains beneath the lodge's grounds during their annual migration to the thick new grasses of the Serengeti. The Mara Serena Lodge looks like no other.

Mara Serena Lodge's 73 guest rooms are a vibrant incarnation of colors and shapes reflecting the time-honored art of the Mara's peoples, the Maasai. Secreted deep within the Masai Mara National Reserve, the Mara Serena Safari Lodge is the ultimate safari destination. Set high on a bush-cloaked hill, embraced by arcing vistas and washed by a sea of richly rolling grasslands, it stands centre-stage to one of Africa's most dramatic wildlife arenas and has a ringside seat for the greatest wildlife show on Earth, the legendary migration of the wildebeest.

Drawing Mara Serena Lodge's inspiration from the traditional Maasai cultural motif of a cluster of domed, mud-coloured huts encircled by a 'Boma' of brushwood, the Mara Serena offers a rare blend of raw African splendour and sumptuous sophistication. The essentially ethnic décor also draws on a vibrant colour-palette of sun-burst colours, embellished by a unique selection of Maasai art to create the look and feel of a traditional bush encampment. The lodge features individual rooms, each with their own balcony and view of eternity, a sky-blue swimming pool and a spectacular restaurant, overlooking a water hole where a fantasia of creatures collect to drink.

Set in the Oloolaimutia Hills, Mara Sopa Lodge blends in perfectly with its surrounding hillside landscape. The accent here is on the Masai people and the fabulous wealth of wildlife, birdlife, and natural flora to be found in the fabled Masai Mara Game Reserve Mara Sopa Lodge has earned a well-deserved reputation for the friendliness and care offered to its guests by its management and staff. The Mara Sopa Lodge has 200 beds by way of 77 rooms, 12 suites and 1 Presidential suite, all of which are 'rondavel' style and have en-suite bathroom facilities which provide shaving sockets and hairdryers. Every room and suite has a private, elevated verandah with splendid views across the valley and on which guests can relax, sunbathe and watch resident birds and wildlife. Mini-bars are also available in each room.

Mara Simba was conceived not just as an overnight stop but also as a safari resort- the ultimate lodge in the Masai Mara of Kenya. The emphasis is on exclusivity and comfort, the ambiance is Masai, and the decor incorporates ethnic design elements from the local tribes. The grounds extend almost a kilometer along the Talek River with the beautiful riverbank left in its virgin state. Further back, lush landscaped gardens of indigenous plants and trees attract colorful birds and butterflies. The lodge overlooks a dramatic bend in the river and is designed to complement its natural setting.

Keekorok Lodge was opened in 1965 and lies at the southern end of Masai Mara Reserve, approximately 280 kms from Nairobi. Keekorok Lodge is sited in the direct path of the annual wildebeest migration and was the first lodge to be built in the Mara. At the height of the wildebeest migration, Keekorok Lodge is surrounded by a swarming mass of animals and there is hardly need to go for a game drive. Keekorok Lodge's charm lies in the liberal use of local building materials. Sand stone, cedar wood and other indigenous materials are used in all rooms and public areas. Accommodation at Keekorok Lodge is in bungalows, single storey blocks and in comfortable shaded chalets. Accomodations at Keekorok Lodge are bungalows built from natural materials. Tastefully decorated with the finest linens and furniture, the bedrooms provide calming views of the plains and distant hills. Each bungalow has private bedrooms and an a bathroom and veranda, which is shared by the guests in the bungalow. Keekorok Lodge’s open-sided dining room provides stunning views of the Mara. After a day of game-spotting and nature watching, guest can reinvigorate themselves in the refreshing water of the swimming pool. Or, unwind at the lodge’s comfortable open air bar and lounge, while watching the nearby hippos and birds. Rooms are in form of 10 single rooms, 74 twin rooms and 1 junior suite.

A combination of luxury and adventure, Sarova Mara Camp offers the unique opportunity of experiencing the thrills and excitement of the world famous Masai Mara. Feel at home in the wilderness in one of the Sarova Mara Camp 75 en- suite luxury tents with permanent roofs and floors nestled amidst the rich indigenous flora. Sarova Mara Camp boasts an extensive collection of exotic birds and butterflies that have taken up residence in the lush surroundings. Other facilities at Sarova Mara Camp include a restaurant, 2 bars, lounge, swimming pool shop and conference facility.